1 Year Course

Description: In this course it is possible to study on a much deeper level all subjects concerning the development of young children in relation with how this affects the way they have to be taught. There is a strong integration of theory and practice: lessons learnt in the classrooms are practised in the field and the experience leads to exploring new areas of knowledge.Throughout the course close individual supervision and support of a mentor is provided.Special attention is paid to create a ‘lifelong learning attitude’, to be able to maintain professional quality after the course.


Practical experience                                                                            
In the first term 9 hours/week
In the second term 12 hours/week
In the third term 16 hours/week                                        

Target group
Preschool coordinators/ principal
(Pre) school teachers

Anybody who wants to learn how to teach young children

English language

1 year 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) From 3 – 6 pm

This course which has been developed in co-operation with Kathmandu University and a Norwegian University College.


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